Publication report on The Cultural and Creative Economy of Brussels

As part of a research project commissioned by the Brussels-Capital region, the research unit Data and Policy recently has now completed a report on the Cultural and Creative (CC) Economy of Brussels.

The economic value of the CC economy in Brussels has remained largely unexplored until now. Previous studies of the creative economies of Flanders and Wallonia have included Brussels to different extents, but did not aim to specifically describe the situation in our capital. This new VUB study describes the CC economy in the BCR using macro-economic indicators, and compares Brussels to the other regions in Belgium using these indicators.

We focus on the number of companies, turnover, value added and employment. Furthermore, we explore the development of these indicators over time, the CC economy’s decomposition into sectors, as well as its geographical distribution. The study contributes to the understanding of the regional Cultural and Creative economy. It is meant to become a strategic tool for local and regional authorities and a benchmark for Brussels’s Cultural and Creative community.

We hope that some of the results might be interesting for you as a researcher, or as a person professionally involved in the CCIs of Brussels.

For more information, suggestions, or if you’d like a printed version of the report don’t hesitate to contact us!

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